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Hafid Laayouni

Professsor, Head of studies

Pompeu Fabra University

Hafid Laayouni gets his Master degree in Genetics and a PhD in Biological Sciences from University Autònoma de Barcelona. He is Assistant Professor and the Head of Studies of the Bachelor Degree of Bioinformatics (Barcelona, Spain). His teaching is focused on Bioinformatics and Statistics applied to Life Sciences. Hafid Laayouni is also Associate Professor at CEXS-UPF and visiting professor of the master degree of "Bioinformatics Applied to Personalized Medicine and Health" of the National School of Public Health (Spain).

Hafid Laayouni research lines focus on Genomics, Evolutionary Biology and Human Health. He published over 46 peer reviewed papers on human evolutionary history, recombination analysis, network analysis and genetic epidemiology.